Provide detailed reporting

ListingsBоt.Com рrоvidеѕ a соmрlеtе report оf all buѕinеѕѕ рrоfilеѕ created, directories, listings URLs, username, email, password, pending listings statues аѕ wеll аѕ a report оf a рrеviоuѕlу existing listings fоund оn оvеr 100+ ѕitеѕ.


Take enough time with picking out categories

We take enough time with picking out categories. We don’t skimp. Always select as many relevant categories as we can on each site. This will not only help your visibility on those sites, but it can also help your Google+ Local rankings (perhaps more so than ever before, now that Google has done away with “custom” categories).

Find & claim all listings available

One of our best citation building practices is finding already listed listings with correct or incorrect NAPW info and avoids duplications. Then we try to claim it and fix it. If we can’t do that, we try to get it fixed by sending feedback to the site as a non- business owner. If that doesn’t work, we create a new listing with the correct business info, and try to get the old/incorrect one (the listing we couldn’t claim) removed. Note that we aren’t a citation-cleanup service and it’s a one-time payment service (no monthly or annually payment is required).


Fill in each listing profile manually with the complete business information

Our affordable business listing service ensures that there are a mention of your business name, phone number, address, description, keywords and website. A complete citation contains all of the above in addition to hours of operation, tagline, short description, fax number, logo, pictures and social media profiles. Citations, whether structured or unstructured matters because they are the key factor in search rankings. Our Exclusive service creates and maintains business citations on the site and directories which influence most local search results in which we have experts who built high-quality citations for your business locations.

ListingsBot.Com will do all of the work for you

Most businesses do not have the time to manage and maintain their online business directory submission, which is one of the reasons why hiring an SEO agency to handle not only your optimization but these services as well can provide you with a great deal of benefit.

Citation database contains over 500 ‘known’ citation sites

Custom UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore lists of directories. Over 500 high value citation sites to choose from.

Work With Client To Verify Listings By Phone

Our team work With Client “business owners” To Verify Listings By Phone. Our reports indicates how to verify a listing by phone step by step.